There are some of the testimonial written from our valued customers.







" Staff are friendly and helpful in trying to move personal and fridge item. Staff are so friendly.They are well taken care off and brought to destination safety.


  Wanee, Desa Pandan. 25/06/2013



    " Helpful & Stess free, ever ready to arsist with smile and great team work among the   worker.Responsibility, always asking on where to place furniture, proactive without being informed. Enjoyable, the team seems in carrying out their task, most importantly willingness and initiative to ensure all furniture are place correctly.


Keep up the great service. Congradulations in training all your workers well. Most importantly the workers have fullfilled your company's vision -- Happy Movers! "


Allison Leong/Gary Leong, Setia Alam.  20/02/2013




" Quick process from packing, moving, and replacing the furniture. Responsible movers, accommodating. Wasn't concerned about damaging our things. "


 Paulin Aro, Kelana Jaya.   24/05/2013




                    " Very Good and helpful staff, Professional. Showed strong commitment !"


Chareon Phromsuwan, Setia Alam.      01/06/2013




" We believe that the price is fairly reasonable for the amount of goods moved.The movers were on time and managed their duties on schedule. The team was professional is handling the goods."


                                    Kevin Kwan, Kuala Lumpur.         30/05/2013




  " First time come to know this company through flyer & hestitate to engage the service but after this relocation experience, I would highly recommend this service to anyone in future. I am happy customer of this comapny. Thanks John Heng !"


Wong Kok Sing, Puchong.          18/05/2013




" Corporation well. All items good condition. Dismantle and install fast with safety ."


Mohd Faizal Bin Mohd Tahil, Klang.        26/05/2013




" Very Efficient Workers. Packers packed Everything. Stress free."


             Rosy ooi,Ipoh.    23/04/2013  




" Movers arrived on time, early in the morning. Movers are very helpful and coorperative! They are an enjoyable, friendly and fun dudes. Easy to deal with and happy go lucky =)."


Imran Jamily Bin Johari, Kuala Lumpur.        29/04/2013




"  Reasonable price. Polite and helpful. No worries, everything being handled professionally."


         Chu C W, Denai Alam.                 20/04/2013




" Workers and helpful polite. Responsible to writing down what they have collected & clean up the left over rubbish. This is our 1st time using movers. We found that it is very conveinent."


      Jessica / Kent Liew , Eco Park.                    06/04/2013




" No extra charges or hidden cost. Save time. Save energy to move furniture."


               Tan Chee Yong,  Petaling Jaya.     25/04/013      




" Reasonable price in compare to service provided. Able to understand our instruction in packing. Worry free because the workers are careful."       


                        Jonathan Koh/Angeline Loi.                              05/04/2013                      



     "  They worked very hard and don't waste any time. They are careful to move all the material. They are happy although all the goods are heavy. We like them because they are responsibilty.


        Changren, Setia Alam.                                                               01/03/2013


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